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VERO Robotics is the PAN India Partner for Softbank Robotics in India and engaged in the field of advanced Robotics. VERO Robotics Expertise in the Field of Robotics sector, having several Engineering techniques and knowledge and our values is to make a landmark in Robotics industry by providing high quality services to suit the requirements of the customers in the field of various applications. VERO Robotics also has a Solution is an open, integrated and real-time platform providing such as CBS Integration with the Humanoid Robots to support customers in daily basis. Our CBS system is organized on premise, on hardware platforms, allowing clients to keep your their infrastructure, to a lower cost not by replacing humans with Robots but robots to help humans by sharing their work on daily basis and FAQ’s matters. Our Robots and integrations is not only utilized for banking industry but various industries from Banking, Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Education, Retails etc. We are consistently looking to forward to grow our business, with principled values, and to develop as one of the respected Engineering and Robotics Company.

Welcome the old tradition:

In any business, the front Counter is the first communication that a customer has with a person which is lost these days. It is the face of the customer which goes upset without being greeted well in the front counter and they say Good bye, a good first impression goes a long way in customer relations, so what that, we have introduced Humanoid Robot which can be the best concierge supporter.

What Is CBS - It is Core Banking Solutions.

In today's World, Banking as a business has grown immensely and changed completely by making the whole banking industry into only a deposits taking and loan providing system to an institution which provides an entire gamut of products and services under a wide umbrella. All such activities commenced by a bank are called Core Banking.

VERO provides the best Core banking solutions with the following advantages:

  1. Improve Banking operations
  2. Providing Transaction details to the customers both Saving and Current
  3. Providing new financial products and changes in standing products
  4. Merging with back office data

Minimum features of Core Banking Solution:

  • Customer-On Boarding.
  • Providing deposits and withdrawals details
  • Transactions administration
  • Payments processing (cash, Cheques /checks, mandates, NEFT, RTGS etc.).
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Designing new banking products.
  • Loans disbursal and management.
  • Accounts management.
  • Establishing criteria for minimum balances, interest rates, number of withdrawals allowed and so on.
  • Collection of Cash and other payments.

Clienteles find core banking comfortable:

  • The entire range of banking products including savings, deposit accounts etc are available in finger tips of the robot.
  • Mobile banking and web information
  • Accurate, timely and actionable information about customer relations
  • Single view between bank and customers
  • Redefining the concept of ‘anywhere, anytime’ banking.

VERO Core Banking System provides integrated solutions for retail and corporate banking as well as has features supporting Finance, Loan management system. It is a Robot banking solution that enables Banks to provide full range of banking services to their customers with content with different user profiles, efficiently and reliably. The VERO Robot and Core Banking system is modular, allowing for progressive face-lift and build strategies, which sensationally decrease risk and speed up time.

Easy Understanding and communication

Our Robot can speak more than 25 Indian Languages and 20 International Languages, to understand customer and make them feel comfortable while interacting with the Robot. How our Core Banking solution helps

  • Real-time, customer information : enabling customers to get right products at the right time
  • Merchandise builder : allows quick time to market new products, and the ability to engrave products and services to individual customers.
  • Endless scalability : the solutions is totally engineered to be linearly accessible, allowing customers to generate significant economies of scale
  • Rapid Growth : Customer centricity
  • Customization and Personalization
  • State-of-the-art products & services
  • Ease of Use through multiple delivery channels
  • Security checks
  • Regulatory obedience

Features and benefits

  • Introduction of best suitable processes
  • Quality certification of process flows
  • Eliminate redundant intermediate processed
  • Change to centralized processing
  • Cost and time savings from better processes
  • Better optimal checks and controls
  • Numerous new delivery channels like ATM, Mobile, Internet, USSD, etc.
  • Usage of business intelligence tools
  • Build & Hold customer relationships
  • Enable and modify products offering
  • Supports various software platforms, from JAVA, c, C++, .NET, METLAB, PYTHON etc


OUR ROBOT CBS provides a real-time solution to conduct instant and hassle-free Know Your Customer (KYC) process without the need of physical documents In our Core Banking System which helps conduct instant, electronic and non-reputable Know Your Customer (KYC) process by using Aadhaar-based Authentication. It can be used as an replacement to current KYC process in lieu of physical photocopies of the original documents for Proof of Identity (POI) & Proof of Address (POA)



Our service is fully electronic, document management which becomes digitalized which prevents document counterfeit


Prompt on-boarding of customers in real time as per their convenience

Low cost

Fundamental savings in logistics and operating costs

Financial Inclusion

Provision of approved KYC by a single digital ID which makes financial services easy for multitudes


The explanation is compliant with all essential regulatory norms

Workflow capability

The solution enables to review ID documents at various hierarchy levels in the organization

VERO has developed a variety of inclusive financial solutions for the banks and financial organizations

Our solutions offer advanced technology to provide security, easy information, easy connect, timely alerts, and even wards of fear of cash decontaminating. Easy execution, integration and usage has made these solutions acceptable and making us your preferred partner.

A Robot KIOSK ATM Banking solution to convert an ATM to FAST Cash Outlet solution instead of similar card-based payment systems and delivery channels. We welcome you to VERO your best support in CBS and integration needs.